Wellness starts here

Mental Wellness Counseling
Our counselors are trained in:

• anxiety management

• depression management

• relationship building

• trauma care

• parenting strategies

• marital strengthening

• life transitions

• assertiveness training

• communication skills – and more.

Physical Health: Physical Therapy / Massage

Uninterrupted 1-on-1 for 60+ minutes in a small private space. Space and equipment used are designed to easily replicate movement programs at home with minimal equipment

Physical Therapy

• Pain relief

• Posture

• Arthritis

• Injury

• Pre & post-operative rehab

• Voice and Swallowing

• Mild-moderate neurological conditions (Parkinson’s, stroke, Fibromyalgia, Guillan-Barre etc.)

• Functional movement assessment

• 45, 60, 90 minute appointment


• Massage: relaxation, therapeutic (pain), trauma informed (anxiety, depression, trauma)

• Sports pre & in-season training (TRX system, focus on rotation & maintaining stability); great for rotational sports, i.e. golf, tennis, pickleball etc.)

Manual stretching & mobility

Balance, strength & conditioning

Custom workout program

45, 60, 90 minute appointments

More about our unique approach

• Treatments tailored to your needs by Dr. Maria, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

• Understanding your body & symptoms.

• Minimal equipment: body weight, dumbbells, bands.

• A blend of exercises and manual techniques to reach your goals quicker.

• Client autonomy: shared decision making, decisions made by clinician and client.

• Electronic home program: exercises with video instructions, updated after each session

• Communication with your medical providers, i.e. physician, surgeon, rheumatologist, counselor (with your permission).

Other treatments

• Cupping

• Kinesiology taping

• Percussion massage (massage gun)

• Manual Therapy

• Trauma (gentle touch) massage

• Therapeutic Exercise

• Joint and spinal mobilization

• Trigger point release

• Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)


Thoughts on anxiety, stress, and trauma

Dr. Maria also provides appointments that focus on gentle touch to encourage the calming effects of your own nervous system to help with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, and PTSD.


Thoughts on repetitive strains

• Chronic and repetitive strains of everyday life and hobbies can add up over time. Hours at a desk, day to day life with a toddler, or repetitive motions can over time lead to pain, such as in the neck/back, shoulders, tightness, headaches, etc.

• Treatment can strengthen and support your musculoskeletal system and ease symptoms to help you move and feel better.


Functional Medicine: Diet and Nutrition

Our dietitian is rooted in the belief that you can change the way you feel by starting a journey to better gut health. Your gut controls your entire health and wellbeing. We encourage small, habitual changes that within 48 hours can change the way you feel. You can use food as a tool to get your health back on track. Learn how to let food make you feel better, not worse!

Janette specializes in:

• Diabetes or prediabetes

• Obesity and/or weight loss

• Oncology nutrition and cancer prevention

• Kidney disease


• Leaky Gut Syndrome

• IBS/IBD or other Gut Issues

• Thyroid Disorders

• Disordered Eating

• Performance Nutrition

• Adolescent Nutrition

• Gestational Diabetes

• Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition